March 30, 2016

About Us

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Challenging Times, the Experience you Need

“The only thing constant is change” is as true to Real Estate as it is to anything in life.  In over 43 years as a Realtor, I have seen significant changes in the Real Estate market, but each year the change is exponential.  The creation of Fizzano Family of Associates, Realtors® was designed to help our clients benefit from the ever-changing market.

Fizzano Family of Associates, Realtors® offers a new and entirely innovative approach to providing top quality Real Estate services to today’s buyers and sellers.

Under this model, I will match your unique buying or selling needs with Real Estate professionals from major local real estate brokerages to ensure that you receive that “Five Star Experience”.

You will receive my guidance on the final selection of your Realtor from a team of vetted, experienced, full-time, committed professionals. I will offer my input as a successful marketer with the advantage of the pricing knowledge I have acquired both as a Broker and former Real Estate Appraiser.

As your Advocate-Consultant, I will provide you with my close oversight of all activities from marketing and pricing to negotiations and the details leading to a successful settlement. You will benefit from my ongoing follow up to make certain that the Realtor you select is performing as promised!  All of these value-added features are available at no cost to you, the client!

We all know that the world has changed and Real Estate has as well. If you are contemplating selling or buying, please allow me the opportunity to talk with you about my “Win/Win” Real Estate solution!