March 30, 2016


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Challenging Times, the Experience you Need


Is Fizzano Family of Associates, Realtors® a traditional Real Estate Brokerage company?

No, Fizzano Family of Associates, Realtors® is not a traditional Real Estate Brokerage company.

Fizzano Family of Associates, Realtors® is a Lead Generation Referral Agency with Preferred Members from the finest Real Estate Brokerages. We operate primarily in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, but with our network of Preferred Members throughout the country, we have assisted clients throughout the United States.  How is Fizzano Family of Associates, Realtors® different than traditional Brokerages?

  • Quality, Committed, full-time Realtor Representation
  • PLUS an Objective Third Party Advocate-Consultant
  • Independent Realtor Rating System
  • Full Scale Marketing Plan
  • Weekly Status Updates

Fizzano Family of Associates, Realtors® is not your traditional Real Estate Broker. The Fizzano Family is comprised of Top-Notch Realtors (Preferred Members) from various Brokerages.  Each Realtor is Fully Vetted by the Fizzano Family and rated by previous clients and colleagues.

In addition to a quality Realtor representation, each client will get an objective Fizzano Family Advocate-Consultant to help them manage their way through the buying and selling process.  Your Advocate-Consultant will support you through:

  • Realtor Selection
  • Strategic Marketing Decisions
  • Appraisals, Open Houses, etc.
  • Negotiation
  • Settlement