March 30, 2016


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Challenging Times, the Experience you Need

Managing the Real Estate Transaction for you

Financial Managers including Estate and Trust Officers as well as Fiduciaries can get bogged down in the day to day management of a Real Estate transaction. Fizzano Family of Associates, Realtors® can relieve you of that.

Fizzano Family of Associates, Realtors® (FFA) is an Advocate-Consultant for your client, managing the Real Estate transaction from an objective third party position.  We are not the Buying Agent, nor the Selling Agent, but a third party Advocate-Consultant that provides over 43 years of experience and knowledge for the sole purpose of supporting your client.

Whether you are representing someone who is Buying or Selling a home or settling an estate, we have an unbeatable process with top notch Preferred Members and Affiliated Services.

Selling a House

Two Fully Vetted Preferred Member Realtors are selected to present a marketing plan, pricing analysis showing a range of value and a recommended list price, and their fee and commitment of the services they will perform.

    • Realtor presentations can be delivered to your client, you, FFA or any combination.
    • A Realtor Selection Debrief highlighting benefits and our recommendation for the best Realtor for the specific sale.
    • Consistent, on-going communication and negotiation recommendations.
    • List of affiliated services including; various inspectors, home warranty providers, movers, contractors, etc.

Buying a House

  • Phone consultation with the client to determine their needs and wants.
  • Prequalification with a Preferred Member Mortgage Lender to determine the right price range.
  • Regular communication throughout to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • On-going consultation.
  • Recommendations of affiliated services such as home inspectors, septic inspectors, warranty companies, movers, contractors, etc.
  • Comparative Analysis Report supplied by the Real Estate Agent to assist you or your client in recommending an offer price.
  • Pre-settlement Review for you or your client and attendance at the closing.

As with any unbeatable process, communication is key.  At Fizzano Family of Associates, Realtors®, we are committed to constant and consistent communication to keep you in the loop throughout the Real Estate transaction. Your Fizzano Family Advocate-Consultant will ensure you are at the heart of every matter by speaking with you weekly about the details and monthly about the overall process:

Weekly Status Report

    • Weekly progress
    • Numbers of showings
    • Marketing progress
    • Market changes

Monthly progress report

    • Current Market Analysis every 30 days
    • Pricing Recommendations
    • Strategic Analysis
    • Marketing Plan Review


As a Real Estate Advisor with Wachovia Bank, the professionals we engage to assist with selling our properties is an important decision.  We manage seventy-five (75) to one hundred (100) properties at any given time.  It is important that we hire the Realtor that will handle all of the time consuming details to smoothly get the sale to a successful closing.  When a decision is made to sell the properties, we need to hire the best Real Estate Broker to get the property sold in the best manner possible.  Your many years in the business and experience has served me well for over nineteen (19) years now and I have been very happy with the service that you always deliver.  Every property that I have listed with you ended in a successful closing.  It has been especially helpful to be able to call you in to assist with properties located in many various geographic regions.  Your ability to partner with the local and knowledgeable Realtors has always produced successful results.  I would like to thank you for all the great service you have provided over the years that we have been doing business.  I am sure that your new Company will professionally serve many customers in the years to come.


M. C.

Vice President, Real Estate Advisor