March 30, 2016


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Challenging Times, the Experience you Need

As a skilled practitioner of the law, your efforts are focused on your fiduciary responsibility to your client.  You dedicate yourself to the protection of their legal rights. You have strong knowledge of the law and, if needed, assiduously research case law to further their protection.

In matters regarding their Real Estate holdings, you work just as hard, if not harder.  But, have you ever considered the benefits of providing your client an experienced, knowledgeable and reputable Real Estate Advocate-Consultant, you both deserve, without incurring any additional costs?  In an age of specialization, well educated attorneys make the best use of their time by utilizing the services of an experienced Realtor and Fizzano Family of Associates, Realtors® can provide that added value.

We specialize in helping professionals, such as you, in the responsible handling of your client’s Real Estate matters. What do we do for you? We provide the following services at no additional cost to your client:

  • Two Vetted Preferred Member Associates are selected to present a marketing plan, pricing analysis showing a range of value and a recommended list price, their fee and commitment of the services they will perform.
  • Realtor presentations will be presented to you, your client, or jointly along with FFA.
  • A Realtor Selection “debrief” highlighting benefits and our recommendation for the best Realtor for the specific representation.
  • Consistent on-going communication and negotiation recommendations.
  • List of affiliated services including various inspectors, home warranty providers, movers, contractors, etc.
  • Pre-settlement review for you and FFA attendance at closing.

As with any unbeatable process, communication is key.  At Fizzano Family of Associates, Realtors®, we are committed to constant and consistent communication to keep you in the loop throughout the Real Estate transaction. Your Fizzano Family Advocate-Consultant will ensure you are at the heart of every matter by speaking with you weekly about the details and providing monthly updates about the overall process.

Your time is best spent in the practice of law.  Ours is in Real Estate!